Adagio Group

A Private Investment Company

“[Most] investors may be quite willing to take the risk of being wrong in the company of others, while being much more reluctant to take the risk of being right alone.”

- John Maynard Keynes

Adagio, LLC was founded as a private investment company in 2005 by Managing Director Ben Summers. Adagio's initial focus was investing in the New Urban communities along the Florida Gulf Coast and consulting to other financial firms regarding real estate and energy matters. These activities uncovered new opportunities in residential real estate markets leading to Adagio developing its unique asset-based lending program. Adagio now engages in a full complement of investing activities from private, proprietary fund management to boutique investment banking services.

We focus on identifying and creating market specific profit opportunities – while recognizing that investment gains and losses aren’t realized in a vacuum, free from the effects of global economic turbulence and market irrationality. We also recognize the difficulties inherent in predicting these turbulences or a market’s return to rationality. As a result, we believe successful long-term investing demands proactive management of a portfolio’s risk/reward profile.

As an expression of these core principles, we manage our assets with a unique mandate: to rigorously select micro-level investment opportunities that meet our specific fundamental criteria while managing our exposures to macroeconomic trends. Through effective and efficient communication, planning and management, we strive to deliver exceptional results that meet the goals of our investors. To learn more about private investment structures and guidelines for sophisticated and accredited investors, email us at


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