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The AIP course provides an introduction to basic financial and economic principles to serve real estate investors in developing and executing investment strategies that improve risk-adjusted returns and liquidity relative to traditional real estate investment strategies. This course also teaches students how to access the private capital markets raising capital on terms and rates that are commensurate with risk enabling them to establish and manage their own investment fund.

The AIP course is divided into four lessons with a final exam and is offered entirely online via the Blackboard platform; it includes risk calculation and pricing (CAPM, Sharpe Ratio, etc.) spreadsheets and a private fund offering documents template with SEC Form D, in addition to sample financial industry-standard marketing materials ($13,495 value). Further, the instructor is available for virtual office hours to assist students as needed with course content and materials ($750/hr value). For more information, review the AIP syllabus.

The AIP designation is awarded upon successful completion of the 150-hour AIP course. AIP designees have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to develop their own institutional-grade private fund(s) issuing debt and/or equity to form risk-priced capital for deployment into the investment model of their choosing: from traditional wholesaling/arbitrage trades and rehab/value-add projects to a portfolio of structured products or even other companies. Adagio affords AIP designees a $5MM proof of funds letter further empowering them to beat local competition, no matter how established, with the expertise and resources of Wall Street.

If completing the AIP program requires more of a time investment than you are willing or able to make, we will create and manage an investment fund supplying capital to your business and provide ongoing support at ultimately no expense to you with our Investment Banking Services.

Additionally, real estate brokerages and unlicensed legal entities (i.e. LP or LLC) may become accredited by registering for the AIP course and having all of its managing principals (i.e. broker of record, managing partners or members, etc.) pass the final exam; all registered brokerage and entity principals and associates are allowed access to the course. The course registration link and tuition are the same for brokerages and entities as for individuals and includes the final exam for one broker or principal; each additional broker, principal or associate (i.e. real estate agent) must pay one installment to take the exam. The registering entity representative must submit a *.pdf copy of the entity’s Articles of Organization listing each of its principals to as a condition of enrollment. All individuals who pass the exam will be awarded the AIP designation independently of their respective brokerage or entity.

Financing is also available with six pay-as-you-go installments.
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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The contents of the Accredited Investment Professional (“AIP”) course are not to be construed as or used for the purposes of offering investment advice, tax advice, legal advice or brokering securities, nor is the AIP designation to be used as a marketing asset for securities issuers.