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The Role of Community Development

Just as investment performance doesn’t exist in a vacuum, neither do the assets themselves. Understanding this fact, Adagio carefully selects the specific communities in which we have a presence. As regular participants in these local markets, we understand each community’s dynamics and ideals. Guided by integrity and vision, we engage community members and leaders in pursuit of these ideals. Through helping each community achieve its cultural and economic goals, we maximize the potential to achieve the ambitious goals of our own.

Adagio utilizes innovative and adaptive capital structuring and management to pursue projects that are fashioned by the accord of cultural and market forces and supported by end users vested in the outcome. This approach allows Adagio to identify and create unique opportunities for both the investors in our projects and the communities in which they are brought to bear.

EB-5 Immigration Services

Adagio conducts the
EB-5 immigration process on behalf of foreign nationals in a turnkey capacity, managing investors’ capital under the same thesis that governs our private funds while meeting the program’s job creation requirements. As a private asset management firm, we are able to reduce administrative costs associated with the program and generate risk-adjusted returns an order of magnitude greater than what is typically available. Adagio works through select regional centers and immigration attorneys, as applicable, managing the entire process from the initial questionnaire through achievement of permanent residency status. For more information on how we can help you profitably immigrate to the U.S., email us at

Adagio Institute

Limited by the paradigm of modern financial markets, many innovative entrepreneurs are unable to procure the capital required to bring their ideas to market. As a result, societal progress at-large is restrained. Adagio Institute, Inc. operates as a private foundation dedicated to helping visionaries develop socially conscious ventures from an idea to market viability. For more information on Adagio's philanthropic efforts, visit Adagio Institute, Inc.


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