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At Adagio, we are always seeking creative solutions to effectively meet the demands of challenging projects. A large part of implementing these solutions involves matching outside investors with opportunities that match their specific objectives. As such, we pride ourselves on our commitment to open communication between ourselves and investors and a consistent and high level of transparency regarding our allocations. Adagio's investors may range from large institutions to sophisticated private investors with respective goals as diverse as they are. By fostering an ongoing dialogue, we engineer appropriate vehicles to help meet these goals. For more information on Adagio, email us at


Determining Equilibrium Value for Residential Real Estate
March 2013
One of the most pervasive challenges facing the residential real estate market is the determination of property values. As a result of TARP and other federal subsidies to institutional mortgage lenders, in addition to administrative incompetence, the foreclosure pipeline has… (read more)

Deciphering Monetary Policy as a Means to Beat the Market
October 2012
Monetary policy and its effect on the markets can often seem as an impossibly complex, if not opaque dynamic. The market obviously responds, and most often in a seemingly positive manner, to the actions taken by the Federal Reserve System and statements by… (read more)



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