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Many investors view real estate as excessively speculative and risky. In contrast, we believe these traits are functions of investor behavior more so than the asset class itself. Two significant obstacles face anyone seeking to successfully invest in real estate: liquidity and quality deal flow. As experienced real estate investors, Adagio distinguishes itself by utilizing our proprietary knowledge, analysis and strategies to transform these obstacles into opportunities. Taking advantage of the convexity of optionality, Adagio seeks opportunities to harvest short-term returns on assets that also hold long-term potential for significant price appreciation. To learn more about Adagio's real estate investment strategies or to inquire about partnership opportunities, email us at

Adagio also provides educational resources for real estate investors to help bring the advantages of Wall Street to their Main Street. In addition to white papers and articles, Adagio has developed the Accredited Investment Professional ("AIP") course and designation. The AIP course provides an introduction to basic financial and economic principles to serve real estate investors in developing and executing investment strategies that improve risk-adjusted returns and liquidity relative to traditional real estate investment strategies. This course also teaches students how to access the private capital markets raising capital on terms and rates that are commensurate with risk enabling them to establish and manage their own investment fund. If completing the AIP program requires more of a time investment than you are willing or able to make, we will create and manage an investment fund supplying capital to your business and provide ongoing support at ultimately no expense to you with our Investment Banking Services.

Adagio cooperates with Galleria International Realty to provide for its real estate brokerage needs in Florida. In addition to brokering the sale of Adagio's holdings, Galleria International Realty provides brokerage services to Adagio's clients affording them competitive advantage in accessing Florida investment properties with the support of quality valuations and market insights. To learn more about Adagio's real estate brokerage and consulting services, email us at

Asset-Based Real Estate Finance

Adagio provides non-recourse, asset-based financing to the real estate investor market. We support investors in creating value for their projects by responsibly financing situations that other firms would not. Adagio's asset-based real estate financing program funds up to 100% of our cap rate-based valuation, regardless of the value of the purchase contract; we do not qualify down payment funds, and in some cases, no down payment is required. Further, Adagio's program is one of the only true non-qualifying products available in the residential market for both acquisitions and cash-out scenarios... no minimum FICO score and no personal income requirements. Review our underwriting guidelines for asset-based real estate financing, or to begin the application process, submit the funding amount sought and subject property address with any available documentation supporting value to


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